Dear my future Husband

i have growing into a fearful  women of God and i have been hurt some many times, that i cal on God more than man because he has done more things for me. I want you to love me for who i am and not what you have heard our seen, i find it so hard to trust people so not take my trust for granted,i want you to love God more than you love me because from that i will know how much you love me, every time we have an argument call on God not your friends to tell them what happened,i don’t want our Children to see or falling into the trap that they should calling on friends instead of God because of what they see you do. Pray fast calling on God pray until something happens.

Remember God is your Creator not man, praise him wisely and not let anyone change your views and thoughts on himImageImage

About me

I am a 15 year old female who still goes to secondary school ‘Saint Gabriel Collage’ i am Christian and am very passionate about my faith, I am a twin and am the first born also am Nigerian and I speak Yourba 

I love to cook food when I have nothing to do or have spare time, i love writing poetry in my spare time about my thoughts and feelings and it just away to express myself.

my self confidence in my self is very low and am not the person to usually talk out about my mind and feelings i usually just keep them to myself.

I Gave my life to Christ when i was 11 years old but I didn’t really know what I was doing I was born and raised in a Christian family always going to Church on Sunday and something going to bible study but I never really understood what I was getting myself into, until i had a personal  encounter with God and he started talking to me and revealing things to me and i knew it was time for me to get straight with Christ and fix up my relationship with him.

So ever since then my i have seen a huge change in my life and that God is truly working on my life,when it all started i got really scared because i didn’t have friends to talk to and people we just been so rude and it just brought my confidence down, and  i didn’t really talk to anyone even my parents and my sister i just kept myself to myself, but God revealed to me that people will come and God for the rest of my Life and that i should get back up because he has good people he wants me to be friends with coming my way

God bless 


There is so much power in this song but as Christians we take so much for granted
i pray your blessed by this song

For my first daughter

1 You are fearfully and wonderful made

2 Look after your body dont  let anyone tell you other wise

3 Your words are powerful use them wisely

4 Friends shall come and go for the rest of your Life 

5 Hold onto to God with your everythingImage